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Food Service Educational Alliance

What is this?

The Food Service Educational Alliance is an exploratory stage group investigating advancing educational opportunities for workers in the food service industry. The group has participants representing large national and international food service brands, national and international educational institutions and governmental agencies. Intelligent Transactions has taken a lead role in founding the initiative and rallying the participants.

Why are we doing this?

There are 13 million food service workers in the U.S. Most are low-wage workers who will transition to other jobs within a few years. Our challenge is to offer these workers the opportunity to earn an educational equity while working in the food service industry, helping them achieve upward wage mobility in whatever career they choose. The initiative will:

  • take the focus off the wage-only strife that is giving the industry an unfair image
  • make a job in food service a top choice and not a last choice for workers
  • improve both recruiting and retention of workers

What are some of our goals?

  • Free GED tutoring and testing
  • Free remedial and 101 level courses
  • ​Tuition Assistance - Brand, Industry, Private Sector and governmental
  • OTPS (One Tablet per Student) initiative - free and low cost hardware and connectivity for learning to low wage workers in the domestic U.S.

“Help us bridge the education gap for at risk young adults who have left education for personal, family or economic reasons”

-Rahm Emanuel