The Nine Must-Haves for Future Proof Technology

#1: Configurability

A robust enterprise management function that allows for full system configuration from the cloud. 

#2: Deployability

Full management and monitoring of software and configuration deployments, including scheduling and rollbacks. 

#3: Usability

Supports true conversational ordering and limits the number of visual metaphors encountered by the user.

#4: Visibility

Collects data in real-time and supports cloud monitoring of the point of sale, peripheral devices, and network connectivity.

#5: Survivability

Ensures continuous operations in the face of on-premise or cloud technical anomalies, such as lost connectivity.

#6: Scalability

Ensures high performance at any level of system load by utilizing load balancers, auto-scaling, and big data processing.

#7: Extensibility

Provides maximum flexibility in expanding overall system capabilities through open APIs and standard data schemas.

#8: Security

Protects system, user, and customer data via PCI-compliance, P2PE, 2FA, permissions, and access controls like biometrics.

#9: Fit For Purpose

Utilizes appropriate store technologies vs a more complex technology footprint to eliminate potential points of failure.

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