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Are you tired of trying to figure out how to integrate with or extend a legacy point of sale system? 

Our team of specialized software engineers appreciate the complexity of integrating and enhancing popular point of sale solution provided by Micros, NCR, PAR, and others. Engaging with the professional services departments of these companies is frequently expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective. We have a track record of delivering real outcomes faster, better, and for a lower total cost.

Custom SIM Scripting


The most common method for extending the functionality of the Micros RES & Simphony solutions is through utilizing the Micros System Interface Module, also known as SIM. 

Through creating custom SIM scripts, you can implement a range of custom functionality required for advanced integrations and operator interactions. 

Our team has an enormous amount of experience in create SIM scripts (using the standard Micros .isl format) for a large number of different use cases.

Touchscreen Design


In order to achieve the desired operational experience for the folks taking orders in your stores, you'll likely need custom touchscreen designs. 

Our team deeply understands how to implement the right combination of macros, smart keys, and touchscreen configurations to support your latest business need.

Have even more complex custom touchscreen needs? Our team can build custom touchscreen templates for you (using the OpsUserDisplay.cfg) to achieve an incredibly wide range of visual requirements.

RES API Integration


The RES API can be a daunting piece of software to interface with effectively for Micros POS integrations. While certain requirements, such as inserting orders, can be implemented fairly easily, many RES API integration capabilities can be far more complex to implement.

In fact, the RES API has a range of additional capabilities that are often underutilized due to lack of documentation or awareness.

Our team has a background in utilizing the full range of RES API capabilities, including taking advantage of little-known functionality to solve complex technical challenges.

POS Integrations

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