What is a Store of the Future?

A Store of the Future is the optimal operating environment that enables your front-line operators to consistently deliver unique and memorable experiences to your valued guests. The reality with most brands is that there is a gap between the current state of operations and a Store of the Future. 

Our primary objective is to arm you with a fit for purpose technology strategy to get your brand on the fast track towards your Store of the Future. 

An Overview of the Engagement

Our Store of the Future engagement is a comprehensive four-phase project with an expected outcome of successfully starting your brand on the journey towards your Store of the Future. 

This engagement is managed by a Store of the Future team consisting of hand-picked industry experts, business analysts, technologists, and any number of additional subject matter experts. We prepare this team to engage your entire organization, from your front-line operators, to your franchisees, to your executive leadership in an effort to establish an unadulterated view into the true needs of your brand.

Each phase of the engagement typically lasts between 2 and 3 months. This timeframe may be adjusted depending on the complexity of your situation or size of your operation. We allow our clients to commit to one phase of the initiative at a time, accessing business value and measuring key results before moving onto the following phases. 


The Four Phases of the Engagement

Phase 1: Discovery


The Objective: To ascertain a clear understanding of available opportunities to optimize your operations through a refined technology strategy.

The Approach: Conduct initial discovery exercises to identify the various key “personas” who participate in your organization. Once these personas are identified, Intelligent Transactions will proceed to conduct a series of persona interviews with representatives from each persona to gain an understanding of the current state of the operations technologies in place across your brand. The primary objectives of these interviews is to ascertain the goals, pain points, and activities for each persona as it relates to operations and technology.

The Key Result: Improved operator relations and buy-in across your brand.

Phase 2: Definition


The Objective: To create clarity and consensus between your brand personas around the specific technology requirements for a Store of the Future strategy. 

The Approach: Our Store of the Future team of specialized operations technology analysts will travel to your stores, monitoring your operational environment. As this occurs, Intelligent Transactions will produce operations process artifacts capturing the unique intricacies of each operation. While on site, utilizing learnings from these findings, Intelligent Transactions will facilitate joint application design (JAD) workshops with persona representatives from across your brand to define the specific technology requirements to enable your Store of the Future.

The Key Result: Optimized framework for accessing new technologies and evaluating potential technology investments.

Phase 3: Evaluation


The Objective: To identify the best technology solutions to meet the unique needs of your brand.

The Approach: Utilizing the detailed requirements matrix created during Phase 2 of the Store of the Future engagement, we create a curated interactive RFP framework that can be used to access potential technology solutions. This interactive RFP framework will include a prioritized listing of feature requirements. We then identify and invite eligible candidate vendors to participate in an interactive RFP process. Our team of industry subject matter experts will manage this evaluation and provide regular updates and recommendations to your brand.

The Key Result: Selection of the best vendor for your needs and establishment of a strong relationship grounded in mutual understanding.

Phase 4: Implementation


The Objective: To mold technology solutions to fit perfectly within your operations.

The Approach: We work closely with selected vendors in a product ownership capacity. Through identifying and documenting user journeys in your brand and producing clear workflow prototypes, we set up your technology providers for success through orienting them around your operational environment. During this phase, Intelligent Transactions also will add an enterprise technology architect to your Store of the Future Team to evaluate the accuracy and quality of new features created for your brand.

The Key Result: Increased operational excellence and brand consistency.

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