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Whether you’re taking your first steps into defining your Store of the Future, or renovating a decades old infrastructure, we believe you don't have to figure it out on your own. We're here to be the partner that you need for testing ideas, discovering requirements, and paving a path towards a bold new future.

Intelligent Transactions brings industry wisdom, best in class strategy, and technical acumen to solve the hard problems. We help our partners become future-proof businesses.

System Architecture


Our team of enterprise restaurant technology architects provide a fresh and proven perspective alongside your existing IT resources to develop fit for purpose blueprints for:

  • Store Systems (POS, Kitchen, Lobby, Payment, etc);
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Microservices;
  • Real-Time Data Feeds;
  • Degradation and Recovery;
  • Cyber Security;
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics

Expected Outcome: Development-ready designs, architecture whitepapers, and fully defined user stories, epics, and testing criterion.

Executive Selection


We help brands identify and empower the right "movers and shakers" within their organization or outside of their organization to foster positive brand innovation and growth through technology.

  • Identifying CIO/CTO/CDO responsibilities within a brand;
  • Identifying potential candidates inside and outside of a brand;
  • Interviewing and vetting candidates;
  • "Priming" the organization for new leadership
  • Connecting the brand to existing CIO/CTO/CDO talent in the industry

Expected Outcome: Roster of highly qualified candidates interested in joining your brand.

Vendor Selection


Choosing the right partners to help a brand execute on a strategy is critical for continued growth and success. We regularly work alongside brands to provide a "vendor perspective" during the vetting process. We can help you:

  • Develop and run RFPs;
  • Negotiate favorable contract terms;
  • Establish reasonable SLAs;
  • Create continuity strategies;
  • Determine adequate language;
  • Create alignment and consensus 

Expected Outcome: Comprehensive RFP framework, favorable software licensing or purchase terms, introductions to qualified vendors.

Backlog Analysis


Determining priorities for a rapidly expanding backlog is a difficult task, and can use occasional outside help. We offer a fresh and experienced perspective to help you validate the organization of your product and project backlogs.

Roadmap Analysis


We leverage our 30+ years of experience in enterprise restaurant systems to review technology roadmaps and affirm your goals, or recommend alternatives to maximize value to your brand and customers.

Project Audits


Are you concerned about your project getting off track? We provide a seasoned perspective when reviewing technology projects, identifying opportunities to course correct, salvage investment, and capture ROI for the brand.

Acceptance Services


We partner with project teams to ensure that development deliverables are effectively driving value back to the business by participating in sprint reviews, offering feedback, and coaching scrum teams on best practices.

JAD Workshops


We gather the right requirements by facilitating Joint Application Design workshops to create an understanding and consensus around the "wants" and "needs" from the stakeholders in your brand, including operators, franchisees, and corporate.

Persona Interviews


We meet with various stakeholders within your brand to create an understanding of their goals, pain points, and responsibilities. We then create "personas" of these stakeholders, providing you with the "users" for your user stories.

Technology Audits


Many brands spend many millions of dollars per year on technology solutions, and don't see the promised ROI. We help brands reclaim their investments, and take control of their technology stack by reviewing source code, identifying security gaps, introducing data governance, and ensuring data compliance.

Contract Audits


It is not uncommon to want more out of a vendor or partner contract. We review existing agreements, recommend updated language to protect your interest, ensure adequate SLA coverage, and help you renegotiate with the decision makers within partner organizations.

Presentations & Decks


Do you have a big presentation to your executive team coming up? Are you hitting a mental roadblock? Our creative team has built effective and compelling decks for leaders of many major brands, and can help you deliver an impactful and memorable presentation to your audience.

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